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The Unicorn Wranglers Release First New Album Since 2021, on February 24th.

The Unicorn Wranglers return with new music, El Capitan, their sixth studio album. El Capitan will be the band's latest LP coming after a two-year hiatus. Listeners can expect a different sound as The Unicorn Wranglers undergo yet another metamorphosis. This album was written, produced, and performed by founding members Ian and Adam Waldron. Ian Waldron lent his talents to guitar, backing vocals, and percussion sampling. Bassist Adam Waldron stepped back up to the mic, while frontman Joey Truncate remained sidelined for this album.


“Obviously it’s something I have done before, pulling double duty playing bass, and doing vocals.” Bassist Adam Waldron comments. “It has its pros and cons. Joey is an unbelievable vocalist and a talent that is unattainable for me personally. I would love to be in the back laying down the thump while Joey does his thing, but we all have responsibilities outside of the band and those come first. I am more than happy to pick up the torch while he is away.”


El Capitan sprouts a new branch for the Unicorn Wranglers, one that is grown from the roots. Listeners can expect a slight return to earlier sounds of the band, conjuring echoes of their second and third LPs, 95’ Flannel and Murder Mystery Night. But a large portion of the sound is derived from present inspiration and the continual mastery of their crafts. 


“With it being just me and Adam for this album I think we leaned into the music that inspires us a little more.” Guitarist Ian Waldron comments. “I think new music from the bands we listened to last year shook us out of our sleep. It kinda sparked the desire to make new music again, to get back together writing. I think Adam and I had such a clear direction for the music of this album, it was going to be the music we wanted to make.” 


The album received its namesake from the Yosemite natural wonder El Capitan. The album art includes a remastered photo of John Waldron (Ian and Adam’s father) and Mike Murphy at El Capitan as they were touring the national parks of the western U.S. in the 80s.

“I remember talking to dad about a documentary I saw on Yosemite National Park” Adam recounts. “I was blown away by its beauty, this giant unmovable wall of granite towering over the valley. It was astonishing. I knew “the professor” (John Waldron’s band title) had been out there, I had heard the stories all my life. So I asked if he had a photo and he dug one up. He and Mikey were rocking classic 80’s outfits and I think Mikey had a Florida Park Service hat on with some retro specs. It all aligned in my brain, the California vibes, the natural writing process, and the vastness of the music. It all clicked for me, I told Ian the name and I don’t think I gave him an option, it was going to be El Capitan.”

With El Capitan hitting streaming services everywhere on Friday, February 24th the band can reflect on the feelings of completing an album for the first time in years.


“It’s exciting to get an album done. It’s a long process, this took us about six months to write, record, produce, and to have it cross the finish line after all that work, it’s a great feeling.” Ian comments.


El Capitan Album Art copy.jpg

“I am happy it's done. This is the fun part, the release. I know Ian has been coaxing me to start lining up shows again. We will get there I promise. Right now it’s basking in the feeling of completing a massive project. It is just such a great feeling to have the band moving again. Making music with my brothers, biological or not, has always been a great joy in my life.” Adam reflects. 


El Capitan is 11 tracks of new music from the Unicorn Wranglers. It is available Friday, February 24th on all major streaming platforms. The Band has released new merchandise to coincide with the new music. More information on shows and special features from the band will be released on social media. So saddle up the Unicorn Wranglers are riding back into town, we hope you enjoy El Capitan.


El Capitan Track Listing

1. Heavy California

2. Hot Nanny

3. Drinks First

4 Cosmic River

5 Space Tropics

6 Organic Compound

7 Burning Desert

8 The Fuzz!

9 Empty Streets

10 Cowabunga

11 The Watcher

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